Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Dating Advice

It is amazing what people fall for when they are desperate. Anyone who has looked at all of the scams on the Internet offering guaranteed success in business for just a small investment probably knows exactly what I'm talking about. People get crazy about money, and they do stupid things when they should know better.
As insane as people get over money, however, they get even crazier over romance. People get dating advice from anyone. People get dating tips from psychics, from friends who have had little relationship success, and from so-called experts with no professional credentials. From Dr. Phil to the palm reader down at the county fair, the world of dating advice is filled with quacks. Although sometimes these people give good advice on dating, you are always taking a risk when you listen to them. Is it worth the risk?
I used to get relationship advice from a good friend of mine. He presented himself as a real ladies man, but the reality was much different. He got a lot of dates with a lot of different girls it was true, but part of the reason was because none of them wanted to stay with him for more than a date or two. We thought he was such a stud at the time that we listened to his dating advice, but it was always terrible. All of his relationship tips inevitably failed. Sure, his dating advice could help us to find a date. He would help us get our relationship profile in order for online dating services, or practice that perfect pickup line. He would not, however, help us make our relationships last.
When you get dating advice from someone, it is important that you first know a little bit about their personal life. I am not saying that someone who doesn't have a good relationship history can't give good dating advice, but I am saying that it should make you wonder. There are some people who can tell you the right thing to do but can't do it themselves, but for every one of them there are at least five who tell it just exactly like they do it. The bottom line is that you should not trust someone for dating advice just because of their so-called expertise. Instead, find a friend who has had at least one very stable relationship and has very good powers of self perception. Get your dating advice from him or her.