Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Local Car Dealers

I have come across this new car dealers website and I would surely like to write something about it.

I was searching for car dealers near my area when I found this website. Its called Wexu, (I don't know what does this name

stands for ( but it provides quite huge database of all local car dealers in any state, or even in cities of

America. For example, lets say if you are looking for a Ford car dealers in Chicago, the you can just checkout Ford Chicago or similarly Toyota Houston for Toyota car dealers in Houston. I tried even smaller

cities and it worked great for them also. I am really impressed. I have been looking for such a car dealers site from long.

So if you are looking for any local dealers of car and don't know where to look for, I would surely recommended this small online car dealers website to help you. I am sure it would be of great help to you.

Wedding Makeup That Lasts

Wedding Makeup that Lasts

On your big day, you want your wedding makeup to last. Not only that, but you want to look stunning in your photographs. In order to insure that your makeup will last as long as possible, it may be best to hire a professional to take care of it. However, here is some advice to keep in mind even if you do hire a makeup artist.

Use a makeup base. Several cosmetic companies offer products that go on under your eye makeup or lipstick that help your makeup last. Eye makeup base provides a layer that your eyeshadow and eyeliner can adhere to. This prevents creasing and helps the colour stay on longer. They offer similar products for lipstick. However, try to find a lipstick base that is also moisturizing. Some products contain ingredients that dry the lips out. You'll need your lips to stay nice and moist so you can smile all day.

Get rid of extra shine. A shiny face looks even worse in photographs, especially if the photographer uses a flash. After washing your face, apply an oil controlling product. After that absorbs, apply a thin layer of loose powder. Apply foundation and the rest of your makeup as usual. Follow up with another thin layer of loose powder. Carry some pressed powder with you so you can control any shine as the day progresses.

Lasting lipstick. One of the first things to fade is your lipstick. Follow these tips that will help your lipstick last. First, apply a moisturizing lip base. Then, apply lip liner in a shade that is a little darker than your lipstick. Use a soft pencil. Fill the lips in with the pencil. Apply one coat of lipstick and blot gently. Apply another coat of lipstick but this time do not blot. Press a thin layer of facial tissue gently to your lips. Using a large brush, apply a thin layer of pressed powder to the tissue. The tissue acts as a screen, letting in only a small amount of powder. The powder helps the lipstick set and keeps it on longer.

Pack a makeup bag. No matter how hard you try to create a lasting look, you still may need to do some minor touch ups throughout the day. Pack pressed powder, lipstick, mascara, and eyeshadow just in case your colour needs a boost.

Sally Lopez is a freelance writer and marketing manager of Marcell "Professional Make-up Artists".To learn more about wedding makeup and the latest makeup tips visit

Monday, December 18, 2006

Things To Remeber In Photoshop Editing

Things to Remember in Photoshop Editing

Adobe Photoshop is an amazing program that lets you manipulate photographs to get a more desirable result. It is a program that accommodates your penchant for creativity and your boundless imagination. But used incorrectly, Photoshop will only give you mediocre images.

To avoid poor quality Photoshop work, you should remember a few things that professionals keep in mind. First of all, you should remember to feather the edges of the image you have lifted by around 2-3 pixels. For example, if you had selected a particular image and moved it to a different background, you should feather its edges so that the picture subtly blends into its new background.

You must also remember to retain the proper lighting, perspective, focus and color cast. All the elements that make the photograph realistic should be considered in a Photoshop composition. In the previous example, if you moved the subject to a background where other things have shadows, then your subject must also have a shadow in the depth and orientation that is expected in that background had the subject been originally part of it. If you combine two images of different focal lengths, you also have to adjust the perspective of the resultant image to conform to each other. You also have to remember that if you have different images at different orders, the forefront image must be sharper than those behind it. Finally, the white regions of your image must match in tone and cast so as to present a harmonious-looking composition. To learn more about Photoshop and to see examples check out Photoshop Tutorials at PS Workshop.

Thursday, December 14, 2006 - Audio Conferencing

With all the teleconferencing companies out there these days, choosing the best service for your needs can be confusing to say the least. Some require long contracts and commitments, and many of the well known telecommunications companies charge outrageous prices.

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Netspoke boasts an impressive client list, and is now owned by Premiere Global Services, so your company can be confident going into their next web or audio conferencing meeting knowing that the presentation will be a smashing success. - Audio and Web Conference Calls

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Check out their site and receive 60 minutes of free conference call service with no stings attached. offers competitive rates too, which is something you usually won’t find with a full-featured teleconferencing company; in addition the rate decreases automatically as your volume increases. There is no setup fee or minimum monthly charge; you simply pay for what you use. offers direct digital connections, and has relationships with major long distance service providers ensuring that you will get the highest quality service available, along with prices of 50% less than other conference call service providers. Whatever your web or audio conferencing requirements, offers a high quality service to meet your needs.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Great Directory by Jim Westergren!

Jim Westergren has again done a fantastic site - this time a directory.

Check out Add It has over 30 000 active links, very nice detail pages and real time editing of links from users.

Here you can for example see a the category Kids and Teens.

What is also very nice for those submitting is that they can preview the detail listing and edit their links even before the link is officially approved by the editor.

Credit Cards Vs Debit Cards

Although credit cards are the most popular forum of credit around, alternatives such as the charge card also have their benefits. Despite both forms of cards being popular, many people do not know the difference between them. If you are looking for the best type of credit, then you really should compare the relative advantages and disadvantages of credit cards and charge cards. They might serve the same purpose, but if you know the differences between them you can get the right type of credit for your needs and hopefully save yourself some money.It is hard to say which type of card is better, although if you want to carry a balance then you have to opt for a credit card. Credit cards generally have more flexibility, as you can pay the money back more slowly. Credit cards also have the facility for 0% balance transfers which gives a huge advantage. However, if you are someone who always pays his or her bills back in full each month, a charge card might be the answer. This will give you greater spending power when you need it without allowing you to go into debt and pay interest on it.

The Thrifty Scot

The Scottish people have earned themselves a reputation through the years as a plain spoken, down to earth and honest bunch of folks. It makes sense, then, that one of the best sources of financial advice on the Internet should be ThriftyScot.ThriftyScot is a simple, easily navigable site that gives no nonsense, down to earth advice on personal finance. Arranged into several categories, ThriftyScot's advice guides you through the often confusing world of personal finance and leads you towards the best money-saving deals available.Of all the categories offered at ThriftyScot perhaps the most useful is the credit cards section. With advice on credit cards offered by a wide range of lenders.Beyond the credit card pages, ThriftyScot offers fantastic advice on remortgages and secured loans. Since a home tends to be the most expensive and important purchase of your life, it makes sense to find good solid advice before you take out a mortgage. Additionally, it's just as important that you make sure you have all the facts before you take out a loan that uses

Getting Instant Secured Loans

Although taking your time to find a loan is the best option, there are times when this simply isn’t possible and you need money fast. Generally, these loans will be needed for a short period of time, after which you can pay the money back. Although there are a number of instant unsecured loans on the market, they are usually for small amounts of money. If you need a larger amount of cash quickly, then you should look at an instant secured loan. Instant secured loans can help you can get a decision in just a few minutes, even if you have a poor credit history.There are many reasons why you might need a loan within a very short space of time, although it is usually due to unexpected expenses that you could not hope to budget for. These expenses are usually essential, and can include items such as car repairs, healthcare costs and house repair costs. If you don't have the money readily available but need to pay these expenses fast, then an instant secured loan might be the best option. This is especially true if you have a poor credit history and are unable to get an unsecured loan.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Good Luck Charm

Although you don't seem to hear about them much anymore, there was a time when everyone had a good luck charm. The quintessential rabbit's foot was among the most popular good luck charms but has been forgotten in the age of political correctness and animal rights. Many people still think of a four leaf clover as being a great good luck charm but I've had a difficult time getting my hands on one.
For many people a good luck charm is quite personal and difficult to explain to others. I have good friends who consider a particular piece of clothing to be their good luck charm. For others, it is a baseball cap, particular pen or pair of shoes. I don't really have a good luck charm but if I did I think it would be my car. Fresh out of college I bought myself a brand new Honda Civic and I absolutely love it. Obviously I take it everywhere I go and we have seen several corners of this country together. She has always gotten me back home safely so she is some type of good luck charm for me.
When I spoke to my friends about the topic of good luck charms I was touched to hear from one of the girls that she considers her baby boy to be her good luck charm. Like many first-time parents her life was completely changed by the birth of her child. She considers him to be the best good luck charm anyone could ever have. He has helped her reassess her life and the way she views the world in general. She seems to have a sense of peace about her that she never did before and attributes it to that precious child.
I'm sure that some people believe that having faith in something like a good luck charm is superstitious. I think that anything that gives you confidence and makes you feel safe and self-assured has to be a good thing. The only danger in believing in charms is the possibility that you could lose them. If you believe that a certain something protects you, keeps you safe, or helps situations end the way you want them to, if you were to lose that item you may not be able to muster up the confidence on your own. All and all, I suppose it is important to think of yourself as your best to good luck charm and not place your faith in something that could be lost.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

utube Video Clip

Utube Video has become one of the most popular ways to get you video clip online these days and with te help of camcorders that most houses have these days some very interesting video clips are showing up on sites like utube video clips on the other end of the scale we have smaller scale sites making the most of the action such as utube video camcorder also taking advantage of the u tube video keyword phrase although both sites have different intentions both site full the need for other utube business such as which recently has been seeing over 2 million vistiors per month and the owner of the piping company has even gone as far as to sue the original u tube video site . WHY ? many would ask surely having an extra 2 million visitors to your website per month is a good thing ? right ? even if you are selling pipes it must be tempting to change to a site something like u tube video clips you never know google might turn around and see you as a threat and buy you out , they did pay around 1.6 billion for youtube so something has to be said for the video site craze. All i know is if it was me I would be sure to have my site advertise at least some sort of video product if it was me . Could easily kick up your feet and move to some island and relax you life away while you smiled away at your fortune .
Well thats my small rant for today

Monday, November 20, 2006

Dr Dre

"Andre Young, a.k.a. Dr Dre, co-founded the notorious rap group N.W.A. (with Ice Cube and Eazy-E). The group was one of the most successful hip-hop groups of the late 1980s and helped lay the foundations of west coast gangsta rap. Dre's 1993 solo effort, The Chronic, was a critical and popular success. Later in the 1990's, Dre turned his attention to producing. He helped launch the careers of Warren G., Snoop Dogg and Eve of Destruction, and in 1999 Dr. Dre helped produce Eminem's top-selling The Slim Shady LP."Dr Dre Snoop Dog Fan Site

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Have You Ever Wondered About Laser Hair Removal?

Some are calling it the follicle fighter of the future. It's the latest in hair removal lasers. Hair removal patient, Alcides Davila, says, "I used to have a lot of ingrown hair, and that made me feel a little uncomfortable." Davila also had a bit on his back. Marisela Munoz had some on her upper lip, and she didn't like her options. Munoz says, "Having to be constantly waxing is very uncomfortable and can be painful."
Laser treatments could remove the hair, but it also could discolor certain types of skin. That's when they heard about the Cool Glide laser, a high-tech solution that works on any skin type, anywhere on the body. Eva Taub runs a hair removal clinic near Miami, Florida. Taub says, "All lasers can treat white skin. No problem.
Cool Glide is the only laser hair removal system that can treat dark Hispanic, Mediterranean, Black skin without discoloring the pigment, without destroying the pigment." It's called the Cool Glide because of its refrigerated tip. It enables the laser to effectively treat the follicle without generating the heat of traditional lasers. It typically takes 12 treatments to remove the hair entirely, and the whole procedure costs a few thousand dollars, but it is permanent.
More Information On Laser Hair Removal

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Building A House

Building a house can be such a wonderful experience or turn out to be an absolute nightmare. There are many more involvements in building a house than simply purchasing one that is on the market. When building a house that will best suit your needs, there are quite a few more details that are involved than a traditional house purchase. Most people turn to building a house when they cannot find something that is suitable to their needs. Perhaps they own a piece of land and are planning on building a house once they retire. No matter what the motivation, organization and budgeting is a key element.

There are many people to consult with and hire when building a house. Make sure that after you have all of the legal requirements and details straightened out, that you find a reputable contractor to work with. Research their history and see how others have viewed their work with the contractor. Also remember to get everything in writing. They will quote you with prices that usually come close to being exact. However, there have been some cases in which thousands of dollars extra are needed because of unexpected glitches or expenses that arise. Nothing is ever concrete when building a house. Things are always changing. Be flexible with every aspect. You might know exactly what you want, when you want it and how you want it, but the contractor may have glitches along the way. Extra time needed because of weather delays or unforeseen occurrences can push moving day back greatly. Never plan on an exact moving day until you know it will be guaranteed to happen.

Make sure you communicate with your contractor quite regularly. Remain up-to-date on everything that goes on. And though you may think that a house may be very suitable to you, keep in mind that it may be difficult to sell in the future if it is too unique. Building a house may allow you to be creative and design everything you may want, but make sure it is something that appeals to more people than just yourself.

Another factor to keep in mind before building a house is that you will be accruing lots of other costs. Suddenly, you will be needing to do the landscaping and decorating. Some people may love the idea of creating their own flower gardens and beds but others are intimidated. Those simple things that may seem to be rather petty can actually add up quite quickly. Make sure that you know all of the details and facts before building a house. It may be a very wise decision for some people, while building a house is definitely not for those who have no time or patience for being flexible and creative.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Creative Writing Course

Creative Writing Course
If you want to be a writer, there are many different types of writing you can get into. Sometimes when you start, you end up doing something completely different than you ever imagined. Things just work out that way sometimes. No matter what type of writing you do, having a background in creative writing is always a good thing. If nothing else, this type of writing helps keep your mind open and your thoughts flowing. If you want to learn some basic fundamentals, you might want to take a basic creative writing course.
The most common place people take a creative writing course is in high school. Many schools have these classes, and they are generally a part of your English curriculum. After graduation though, you can find a creative writing course at almost any college you can name. If you aren’t interested in a degree, but still want to take a creative writing course, you should contact your local community college to see what they have to offer. Some creative writing courses are very short, while other are longer, and cover more ground. What you want to take is up to you.
If going back to the college life, even if it’s only one night a week, is not for you, then you can find a creative writing course you can take at home. These are often a good choice because you can work at your own pace, and fit your lessons in when you have the time. For those with a family and a full time job, this might be the best bet. What you pay for these courses will depend on where you go. Look around for a price you can live with, and then have a go.
When dealing with finding a creative writing course online, you do have to be careful. There are some scam artists out there who prey on would-be writers. They may offer you a creative writing course and a promise of publication. No one can guarantee this unless they just happen to own a publishing company. Most do not. If someone is offering you more than direction and instruction, you might want to think twice about signing up. A good creative writing course can teach you some of the basic rules of style, how to put your work together, and some tips for better writing, but they cannot guarantee you will make money once you are finished.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Perfect Prom Dress

Towards the end of winter and beginning of spring, teenage girls flock to the local malls in search of that perfect prom dress. They roam from store to store, trying on anything that may catch their eye. The look in their eyes lets you know that they won't settle for anything less than the perfect prom dress. They line up for the dressing rooms, glaring at anyone else who may be waiting to try on the exact same dress as they are clutching. They start at themselves in the mirror meticulously. Some girls find their perfect prom dress as soon as they enter a store while other shop franticly for months.
It can be a challenge to find the perfect prom dress that you are sure no one else has found. Some girls go to the lengths of leaving the state in order to shop at a non-local shop convinced that they will have styles that aren't sold locally. They know that once they find that perfect prom dress, they would be devastated if anyone else showed up wearing it. Bridal shops sell gowns that could be considered a prom dress. The cost may be more expensive but you are guaranteed elegance and perfection. Girls who shop at a bridal shop to find that perfect prom dress will average twice the cost of a girl who purchases at the local mall. Parents go to great lengths to help their children spend entirely too much money on the cost of prom. In upperclass neighborhoods, parents have spent thousands of dollars for their child's prom. Imagine how much their perfect prom dress ends up costing!
Some girls take the online approach to finding the perfect prom dress. They order from fancy sites or stores that are out of state and cross their fingers that the size they ordered will fit. If it doesn't, they'll invest more money into the prom by finding a seamstress to do alterations. Fights have broken out over staking claims on the perfect prom dress.
Finding the perfect prom dress doesn't have to be such an adventure. There are lots of ways to find dresses without spending a fortune. Many times, consignment shops are selling prom dresses that were only wore once and are still very elegant. Finding someone who attended prom years before yours that will allow you to borrow it could be worthwhile too. Some talented girls make their own unique perfect prom dress or have someone else make it for them. There are some stores that rent dresses, though finding those stores can be difficult. No matter what your perfect prom dress ends up costing or looking like, make sure it helps to make memories that last a lifetime.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Contraceptive Pills

Not more than a few decades ago the birth control pill was viewed as a sign that a young, unmarried woman was being promiscuous. Over the years that idea has changed and contraceptive pills are now an important part of many women’s health regime.
Preventing pregnancy is an important concern for almost every young woman. Not wanting to forego the pleasure of becoming close with someone, young women are recognizing that contraceptive pills are one of the most effective ways to control when they have a baby.
One of the major concerns with taking birth control pills in the past has been the potential side-effects. It has become a common misconception that a woman should expect to gain upwards of ten pounds after she starts taking contraceptive pills. This was indeed a real and warranted concern several years ago but it isn’t anymore.
In recent years new medications have been introduced that have a lower dose of the hormones needed to control ovulation. This means that a woman will have a much lower chance of developing side-effects including the dreaded and unwanted weight gain.
The method for administering these pills hasn’t changed much over time. In most cases the contraceptive pills are taken for a period of twenty-one days. During the next seven days, the pills aren’t taken and the woman can expect to have her period. The entire cycle beings again and as long as a woman doesn’t forget her daily pill, she can expect a high protection rate against pregnancy.
Along with the assurance that you’re protected against getting pregnant, the pills have some additional benefits. In some cases, contraceptive pills can help with very painful cramps. Some young women are prescribed the pills as a treatment for their monthly cramps. This has proven to be a successful method of helping relieve some, if not all, of the pain.
Regardless of why the woman is taking the pills, it’s really important to remember that they offer no protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore using another method of protection in addition to the contraceptive pills is the best idea.
A yearly examination is needed when taking the pills to ensure that the woman is healthy. Older women should discuss the additional health risks associated with taking contraceptive pills over the age of thirty-five. I don’t need to go on and on about the dangers of smoking, but for women taking the pill, there is added risk for smokers.
If you are a woman of child bearing years who wants an effective way to ensure that you don’t become a mom before you are ready, think about contraceptive pills and how you can incorporate them into your life. After all, having a baby is a big decision and although it can be a welcome surprise, choosing when it happens is often the better way to go.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bikini Waxing

If there is one thing in the world you will not catch me doing, it is bikini waxing. I’m sorry, but there are just some things that are sacred and the bikini area is one of those things. Perhaps if I was younger and single I might reconsider, but that is still a long shot. When you go for a bikini waxing, you are baring everything you have to a total stranger, and I’m sorry, but this is something I am not going to do for cosmetic reasons. It is hard enough going to a gynecologist, but at least that is essential for good health.
When you go for bikini waxing, you are going in for some of the most humiliating grooming you can imagine. For the most part, you have to get up on all fours and spread your legs as far as you can, while pushing your butt up into the air. Talk about opening up! This is that technician can get to all the nooks and crannies you have down there. They put hot wax on some of the most sensitive spots you have, and rip it off with a strip of paper. Sure, bikini waxing sounds like fun!
There is really no way you can do this at home, though there are kits out there that claim you can. Unless you have a room full of mirrors and six arms, I doubt you can do a good job on your own. You are welcome to try it, of course, but make sure you don’t call me when you can’t remove the wax, and you have accidentally sat upon something that you are now stuck too. If this happens, you are going to have to call the wax company to figure out what to do. This won’t be the most pleasant phone call you have ever made, though I’m sure the operators are quite used to getting phone calls about home bikini waxing gone wrong.
If you are really uncomfortable with the hair you have in your bikini area, and don’t want to go through a bikini waxing every few weeks, there are other alternatives. You can get laser hair removal for that area. You will still be exposed to someone else for a bit, but for the most part, once you are done, you are done for good. Laser hair removal often takes multiple appointments, and costs a lot more than a regular bikini waxing, but at least you will have it over and done with and won’t have to worry about it again.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Average Cost Of Braces

Stop for a moment! Do you have children? If so, how old are these little rugrats? Now, take a quick gander at their smiles. What do you see? Are their choppers looking ideal and perfectly straight? Or, are you looking at some serious future bills? Let me tell you, the average cost of braces is not cheap by any means. Hey now, don't get down and start to fret. These are issues that many parents face in today's world. In fact, I basically assume that every kid needs braces these days. It sure seems like they do. It's one of those things you'd might as well plan for like college tuition. So, it's now time to do some figuring.
If you don't know the average cost of braces, let me toss out a figure that I ran into twice now. It's five grand. Yeah, you didn't hear me wrong! I said five big ones. And that is for the basic average cost of braces. We're not including other services. For example, what if your child needs a couple teeth extracted or some sort of spacer to widen his/her jaw? My teenage daughter had this done. The orthodontist initially told us that her jaw was too narrow, and that he had to make it wider so that the teeth could come in properly. This was fairly expensive. Suddenly we had more bills on top of the average cost of braces. However, I didn't think about the money too much once I saw my daughter's new affliction. Having that spacer object in her mouth looked painful and annoying at best. I couldn't help but feel bad for her.
It's not difficult to acquire the average cost of braces now days. The Internet can certainly be of some assistance to you. Get online and search for the average cost of braces on Google. See if prices tend to vary depending upon the state or city you reside in. I purchased braces in Oregon and Ohio now, and must say that the prices were comparable. By this I mean that the average cost of braces in both were expensive. The trick is to simple pay over a period of time. Just like any other large expense, you do the monthly payment thing until they're paid off. What else can you do?

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Relaxation Exercises

Relaxation Exercises
Many people are stressed, and this stress can have an adverse affect on health. There are many adults that live with this stress each day, and they find that they are high strung, fatigued, and seem to catch colds and viruses rather easily. When you live under enormous amounts of stress, you will find the quality of your life is not what it should be. To combat this, many are turning to relaxation exercises to help them mellow out, and to help them feel better and live a healthier life.
Relaxation exercises come in two forms. The first is regular exercise. If you take time out of your day to do exercise, you are going to be far less stressed. If you visit the gym at least three or four times a week, this exercise is not only good for your body health, it is good for your mental health as well. You don’t even have to go to the gym either. You can jog around your local park, or go for long leisurely walks with your family. As long as you get moving at least a few times a week, you are going to reap the benefits.
You can also do relaxation exercises before you go to bed. These won’t be intense workouts, but rather sessions of stretching. Stress can make your muscles tight. This makes you feel stressed even more, and you will have a hard time getting a good night of rest. These relaxation exercises can be done near bedtime, and they will even help improve blood flow. When you stretch out the muscles, they will loosen, and you will feel good all over every single time you stretch.
If you don’t know how to go about stretching properly, you can find DVDs that teach relaxation exercises. They aren’t that hard, and anyone in almost any state of health can do them. You may find that you can’t sleep without them, but these are things you can do when you are away from home, or even things you can do for a few moments at work when things get tense. If there is a lot of tension in your household, you may even want to teach your family how to do relaxation exercises so everyone can feel better. You may not realize it, but this might bring a sense of peace to your family that you have never known before.

Resume Advice

Are you currently employed? I always get bummed out when I meet someone and they mention that they no longer have a job. You know the typical routine. Maybe their company was making budget cuts, or they were replaced by a fresh college graduate who demanded less income. There are all sorts of reasons why folks lose their jobs. Nevertheless it's always depressing to hear about. I truly feel for them if they have families to support. Regardless of these hardships life can toss at you, you always have to get back on the horse and ride again. This means searching for a new job. Now, there is a crucial aspect to this process. What is it you may ask? I am referring to your resume. Has it been updated lately? Maybe what you need is some decent resume advice to get started. It really can improve your chances of getting noticed.
When it comes to job searching, there are a few things that stand out in the corporate world. One of these things is the resume. Another is your education/experience. These are things that can truly set you apart from the masses. And when I say masses, I mean it. There are around six billion people walking this planet. How many of them are searching for new jobs? It's really hard to tell. I will say one thing; those with the proper background, resume advice, and drive will get the position. As you should already know, a resume makes a large impact. Just think when you graduate from college. There isn't a lot to put on your resume. I was once in this position. I quickly decided to attain resume advice from a professional. She showed me how to capitalize on my new college degree and experiences I'd had in past jobs. You know, like the ability to work well with others, work in a fast paced environment, handle stress well, ability to lead and delegate orders. These are all qualities you can pull from the most minute job positions. Use them to your full advantage.
Cyberspace is absolutely loaded with resume advice. I'm not necessarily telling you to go out and pay 500 dollars for a resume service. Simply search for resume advice on This will provide you with a lot of free information that can seriously benefit you in finding a job. Learn how to craft an outstanding resume on your own.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Airbrush Tanning

I am probably the only person who will tell you this, but it's high time you stopped laying out in the sun. Do you catch my drift? Seriously, what is it going to take to convince people of this? Possible spontaneous combustion? In this day and age we do have more advanced means of getting a golden tan. You definitely don't have to put your health at risk to look a certain way. Now, stop right there! I am not in any way talking about tanning beds. It has been proven time and time again that these things are horrible and unsafe. The initial concept was to pull out the harmful aspect of the natural sun. However, this did not work at all. The truth is we don't actually know which one is worse; the tanning bed or the sun. That means avoid them both. It's time for contemporary airbrush tanning. I'll bet you've seen this on television some time or another. It's the future of being tan.
I guess if I merely heard the words "airbrush tanning," I might be a little hesitant to give it a shot. Fortunately you can acquire all the information you need regarding this new-age method just by surfing the web. The airbrush tanning concept is becoming more and more the rage these days. Folks are flocking to these salons in search of the safe tan. Now, for those of you who still have no clue why you shouldn't be tanning in the sun, it destroys your skin and leads to cancer. By destroying your skin, I mean that it causes premature wrinkles and aging of the epidermis. It also brings about sun spots and freckling. So if you'd like to be all leathery, then go for it. But, don't forget that you very well may end up with some form of skin cancer. That's just reality. Then there is airbrush tanning. Studies show that this method has no negative effect on your skin. No premature aging and no cancer. That's outstanding. I would think that everyone would ditch the tanning beds.
If you choose airbrush tanning, then you'll basically be sprayed with a tanning solution. It dries on your skin's surface like self-tanner. This causes the outer layers of dead skin cells to darken. You'll want to be sure you moisturize regularly in order to hold the tan longer. Also, exfoliate before trying airbrush tanning. This allows your new skin to absorb the tan.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Soome Good Old Folk Remedies

All of us are familiar with the allopathic form of medicine. Your doctor, who prescribes pills to rid you of your ills, is in all probability, an allopathic practitioner. A vast majority of the doctors in the world today are practitioners of allopathic medicine. In fact, a vast majority of individuals around the world know no other form of medicine than the allopathic way. But some of you may prefer to be treated under the homoeopathic genre. In this case, the pills are not bitter. In fact, they are sugar coated globules, which are coated with the extract of the medicine and have been proven to work. People who are allergic to allopathic medicines, or who have known reactions to allopathic courses of medicine use the homoeopathic form of treatment. Apart from these two major forms of treatment, there also exist other widely practiced forms of medicine like Unani, Ayurvedic and acupuncture. Although a vast majority of Americans may be unfamiliar with these forms of medicine, they are proven and effective folk remedies, which have become a part and parcel of medicine worldwide. Care must be taken to differentiate folk remedies from faith healing, shamanic healing and other unscientific forms of treatment. These too are common in many cultures, but they are hardly scientific. Folk remedies on the other hand, are information rich remedies that have been passed down from generation to generation, in several cultures across the globe. While they may appear to be unscientific and even unhygienic, folk remedies are the result of intense research and development by our forefathers. These folk remedies are still used, with great beneficial results, in parts of the world like China and India. And unlike other traditional folk remedies, they continue to remain very much a part and parcel of everyday life. Take India for instance. This is the land where ayurveda has been a tried, tested and accepted form of medicine for not just decades or centuries, but for millennia. The western world is only now discovering the benefits and riches of these folk remedies. Places like Kerala and the Himalayas in India offer visitors the chance to immerse themselves in this most ancient of folk remedies. And those who take the plunge, come back n just healed, but refreshed as well. For like several other folk remedies, ayurveda too uses ingredients only from purely natural herbs and shrubs. No artificial or man made technologies or ingredients are used. While this has resulted in several people viewing such folk remedies as naturotherapy, it is a whole lot more. It not only repairs and refreshes the body. It also rejuvenates it, creating a natural balance that modern living has destroyed. This is precisely how the Chinese folk remedies work. Based on the principle of yin and yang, these folk remedies attempt to bring the human body in balance with nature. Based on a balanced elemental nature of living things, these folk remedies believe that not being in harmony with nature causes ill health. They therefore attempt to regulate that balance and restore health.