Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Perfect Prom Dress

Towards the end of winter and beginning of spring, teenage girls flock to the local malls in search of that perfect prom dress. They roam from store to store, trying on anything that may catch their eye. The look in their eyes lets you know that they won't settle for anything less than the perfect prom dress. They line up for the dressing rooms, glaring at anyone else who may be waiting to try on the exact same dress as they are clutching. They start at themselves in the mirror meticulously. Some girls find their perfect prom dress as soon as they enter a store while other shop franticly for months.
It can be a challenge to find the perfect prom dress that you are sure no one else has found. Some girls go to the lengths of leaving the state in order to shop at a non-local shop convinced that they will have styles that aren't sold locally. They know that once they find that perfect prom dress, they would be devastated if anyone else showed up wearing it. Bridal shops sell gowns that could be considered a prom dress. The cost may be more expensive but you are guaranteed elegance and perfection. Girls who shop at a bridal shop to find that perfect prom dress will average twice the cost of a girl who purchases at the local mall. Parents go to great lengths to help their children spend entirely too much money on the cost of prom. In upperclass neighborhoods, parents have spent thousands of dollars for their child's prom. Imagine how much their perfect prom dress ends up costing!
Some girls take the online approach to finding the perfect prom dress. They order from fancy sites or stores that are out of state and cross their fingers that the size they ordered will fit. If it doesn't, they'll invest more money into the prom by finding a seamstress to do alterations. Fights have broken out over staking claims on the perfect prom dress.
Finding the perfect prom dress doesn't have to be such an adventure. There are lots of ways to find dresses without spending a fortune. Many times, consignment shops are selling prom dresses that were only wore once and are still very elegant. Finding someone who attended prom years before yours that will allow you to borrow it could be worthwhile too. Some talented girls make their own unique perfect prom dress or have someone else make it for them. There are some stores that rent dresses, though finding those stores can be difficult. No matter what your perfect prom dress ends up costing or looking like, make sure it helps to make memories that last a lifetime.