Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Job Fairs

Job fairs are a great place for both employers and potential employees to find out about each other. They are becoming more common in both large and small communities. Some times you will find a job fair that offers invitations to many different employers. Those that are looking for help can set up a booth and display what job openings they have. They can also post the qualifications and have applications there for people to fill out.

Other job fairs are specific to one type of business. This generally happens if that business is new and will be opening soon. It can also take place if that business is expanding and needs much more help than what they already have in place. A job fair really cuts down on the running around for those that are looking for a job. It can be time consuming to make calls, find the personnel office, and then to get all of the materials submitted to them.

Potential employees that go to a job fair need to be prepared though for what opportunities they will find. Dress like you are going to a job interview so you can make a good impression with those businesses you choose to apply with. It is amazing how many people show up at a job fair in sweats or shorts. That isn’t the way you want an employer to see you.

It is a good idea to take a clipboard and several pens along with you. Have copies of your resume handy so you can fill out applications while you are there. Some paper clips will be handy too so you can easily attach your resume to your job application. Most of the booths will have cards available. Take them and then follow up in a week or so about the job application you submitted.

A job fair can be a great place to find many different types of jobs. In many instances you will find out about jobs that weren’t advertised in a newspaper or listed with your local employment office. Pay attention to radio advertisements and fliers that talk about various job fairs that may be in your area.

Health Fairs

Educating people about their health is very important and a great way to motivate them to make changes to their current lifestyle. Most of them are put on by a collaboration of local hospitals and medical offices. Some health fairs are part of non profit organizations so they are mobile operations. They travel from place to place in a big RV that is set up for the health fair. Generally you will find them in a parking lot for a hospital or other community business.

Here you will find plenty of information about how you can lower your risk of common health problems such as heart disease. Many health fairs also give you the chance to have various types of screenings done for free or a at a significantly discounted price. Many health fairs also have programs for children too so they can learn all about the information they need on their level.

This is important because if children can become educated about healthy lifestyle choices from an early age it will change how society responds to it with future generations. Many health fairs offer games and other activities that teach children in a fun way about how to life a healthy lifestyle.

There are also ways for the entire family to spend more time together as well as to get fit. For example everyone can go for a bike ride or a walk in the evening after dinner. This is a better choice than gathering in the living room to watch TV. It also gives the family time to talk and that is going to bring them closer. These types of activities are going to help with their emotional health too.

You can be sure all of the individuals you will talk to at a health fair are professionals. They will listen to your questions and help you to determine if you should see a doctor or start out with some of their various screenings that are offered. Keep in mind that going to a health fair is no substitute for getting annual check ups with your own physician.

The internet is a great place to find out information upcoming health fairs that may be taking place in your area. You can also pay attention to fliers at the doctors office and advertisements in the newspapers.


The fair has been a place for people to gather and hang out for hundreds of years. Most areas have a small fair annually and most states have a large fair for a week or so each year as well. Hundreds of thousands of people will come to check out the food, entertainment, displays, and to go on rides. You will see people of all ages at the fair with smiles on their faces. Most of them kick off with a great parade to get the entertainment and festivities underway.

You will find that fairs take place all over the world even though some of the traditions of what they have to offer are different from each other. In France you will find the World’s Fair which is a huge attraction for people from all over to come check out. Some people worry about safety at fairs as well. It is true some of the people running the rides don’t look like they have the ability to do it. They often travel with the rides from one carnival to the next. There are inspectors that look over everything before people can get on them.

You do have to worry about losing children too because it only takes a minute for them to be looking at something else and get separated from your group. Make sure you keep small children in a stroller or have a firm hand on them. For older children make sure you designate a meeting place so you can find them later on. Alert security at the fair too and they can help you to look. They have radios to let other security officials know that a child has been lost.

Most fairs have heightened security in the past ten years due to terrorist threats and activities. Many of them have metal detectors that you have to go through. If they aren’t built in then a hand wand can be used to check for weapons. This process holds up the line at the entrance gates but it does make it easier for people to relax once they are inside.

Plan to save your money now though if you want to have a great time at the next fair in your area. Most of them are charging admission just to get into the gates. Food is over priced and if you want to play games or go on rides that is going to cost you extra. Many fairs do have discount days so watch for such specials. This way you can still enjoy the fun but not spend all of your money to do so.

Trade Fairs

If you work in a certain type of industry then attending trade fairs is a great way to find out what is out there. You will discover information on up and coming items that will soon be released. You can choose to buy them to use in your business or even to buy those items to resell. Generally you can’t buy them directly from the trade fair though. This is a place for you to see display information and to get contact information. You can then call the company and set up what you want to move forward with.

Most trade fairs take place in large exposition centers. Some of them are indoor events while others take place outside. Many of them are annual events and they draw large crowds each year. If you have your own business you can write off the cost of going to such trade fairs as a business expense too. This includes your transportation there, hotel rooms, and meals. You can do other things for fun as well but those will be a cost you have to cover on your own.

If you are interested in locating trade shows for a certain type of products go online. You can find out where they will be held, if there is a cost to attend, and if you need to get tickets in advance. Some trade fairs are open to the public while others are by invitation only. Make sure you look into all of these details so you can make plans to attend those that will benefit you the most.

There are more than 4,000 trade shows that take place annually around the world. More than half of them are in the United States. Many of them are held in large cities so that there is enough transportation, parking, and accommodations for the number of people attending. In many instances you can get discounts on hotel rooms if you mention you are attending a certain trade show.

If you can’t travel to a tradeshow you can still check many of them out online. You may need to get a password for access though. You can see a tour of all the items on display at a trade show this way. While it isn’t the same as being there it is the next best thing you just can’t make it in person.

Art Fairs

Artists work very hard to complete their pieces of work. Part of the fun is to display them for others to see once they have been completed. Many high schools an colleges have art fairs where students can feature the work they have completed during the year. Some locations even do it twice a year at the end of each semester. There are often awards given too for the best in each of the different categories.

In many art classes, students have to complete certain projects. That is why you will see many of the same basic themes at an art fair. Yet you will also notice that each artist has brought their materials to life in a way that no one else did. It is this originality that shines though when you are comparing similar pieces of art work.

Many festivals also host art fairs for amateurs and professionals alike. In these instances it is possible for you to buy the works of art that you like. You may end up getting your hands on some of the early art work of someone that will be very famous in the years to come. That is a very exciting prospect for sure! In the mean time you can enjoy looking around at such art fairs. You will be able to pay a decent price for some lovely work to display at home or at the office.

There are art fairs that take place all over the world so don’t limit yourself to just where you are from. It can be completely different to see those works of art from other cultures. It will give you a new appreciation for a way of life that is very different from your own. Chances are you will find many of these pieces to be quite appealing to you as well. Should you decide you want to buy them they can often work out shipping them to your home for you.

Most of us don’t take enough time to really look at and appreciate that art that is all around us. As a result it can be right in front of us and we are too busy for it. Schedule some down time so you can go out there and enjoy a couple of art fairs. They are often addicting though and you may find you want to find out where more will be so you can attend one again soon.