Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Trade Fairs

If you work in a certain type of industry then attending trade fairs is a great way to find out what is out there. You will discover information on up and coming items that will soon be released. You can choose to buy them to use in your business or even to buy those items to resell. Generally you can’t buy them directly from the trade fair though. This is a place for you to see display information and to get contact information. You can then call the company and set up what you want to move forward with.

Most trade fairs take place in large exposition centers. Some of them are indoor events while others take place outside. Many of them are annual events and they draw large crowds each year. If you have your own business you can write off the cost of going to such trade fairs as a business expense too. This includes your transportation there, hotel rooms, and meals. You can do other things for fun as well but those will be a cost you have to cover on your own.

If you are interested in locating trade shows for a certain type of products go online. You can find out where they will be held, if there is a cost to attend, and if you need to get tickets in advance. Some trade fairs are open to the public while others are by invitation only. Make sure you look into all of these details so you can make plans to attend those that will benefit you the most.

There are more than 4,000 trade shows that take place annually around the world. More than half of them are in the United States. Many of them are held in large cities so that there is enough transportation, parking, and accommodations for the number of people attending. In many instances you can get discounts on hotel rooms if you mention you are attending a certain trade show.

If you can’t travel to a tradeshow you can still check many of them out online. You may need to get a password for access though. You can see a tour of all the items on display at a trade show this way. While it isn’t the same as being there it is the next best thing you just can’t make it in person.