Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Job Fairs

Job fairs are a great place for both employers and potential employees to find out about each other. They are becoming more common in both large and small communities. Some times you will find a job fair that offers invitations to many different employers. Those that are looking for help can set up a booth and display what job openings they have. They can also post the qualifications and have applications there for people to fill out.

Other job fairs are specific to one type of business. This generally happens if that business is new and will be opening soon. It can also take place if that business is expanding and needs much more help than what they already have in place. A job fair really cuts down on the running around for those that are looking for a job. It can be time consuming to make calls, find the personnel office, and then to get all of the materials submitted to them.

Potential employees that go to a job fair need to be prepared though for what opportunities they will find. Dress like you are going to a job interview so you can make a good impression with those businesses you choose to apply with. It is amazing how many people show up at a job fair in sweats or shorts. That isn’t the way you want an employer to see you.

It is a good idea to take a clipboard and several pens along with you. Have copies of your resume handy so you can fill out applications while you are there. Some paper clips will be handy too so you can easily attach your resume to your job application. Most of the booths will have cards available. Take them and then follow up in a week or so about the job application you submitted.

A job fair can be a great place to find many different types of jobs. In many instances you will find out about jobs that weren’t advertised in a newspaper or listed with your local employment office. Pay attention to radio advertisements and fliers that talk about various job fairs that may be in your area.