Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The fair has been a place for people to gather and hang out for hundreds of years. Most areas have a small fair annually and most states have a large fair for a week or so each year as well. Hundreds of thousands of people will come to check out the food, entertainment, displays, and to go on rides. You will see people of all ages at the fair with smiles on their faces. Most of them kick off with a great parade to get the entertainment and festivities underway.

You will find that fairs take place all over the world even though some of the traditions of what they have to offer are different from each other. In France you will find the World’s Fair which is a huge attraction for people from all over to come check out. Some people worry about safety at fairs as well. It is true some of the people running the rides don’t look like they have the ability to do it. They often travel with the rides from one carnival to the next. There are inspectors that look over everything before people can get on them.

You do have to worry about losing children too because it only takes a minute for them to be looking at something else and get separated from your group. Make sure you keep small children in a stroller or have a firm hand on them. For older children make sure you designate a meeting place so you can find them later on. Alert security at the fair too and they can help you to look. They have radios to let other security officials know that a child has been lost.

Most fairs have heightened security in the past ten years due to terrorist threats and activities. Many of them have metal detectors that you have to go through. If they aren’t built in then a hand wand can be used to check for weapons. This process holds up the line at the entrance gates but it does make it easier for people to relax once they are inside.

Plan to save your money now though if you want to have a great time at the next fair in your area. Most of them are charging admission just to get into the gates. Food is over priced and if you want to play games or go on rides that is going to cost you extra. Many fairs do have discount days so watch for such specials. This way you can still enjoy the fun but not spend all of your money to do so.